How to Fix Drafty Windows

Crisp air, hazy hues, and a blanket of silver covering the outdoors- the wintertime is akin to a piece of heaven for many people. But for others, it is often the worst part of the year because whatever they try and do, they just cannot get rid of the creeping frost that seems to have taken a hold of their house.

drafty windows

If you feel like you are throwing the money you set aside for the bill of your heater down the drain, there is a high possibility that it may be due to drafty windows. Leaky, creaky windows can suck the heat out of your house and leave it feeling cold and uncomfortable. If you are looking to fix this problem, here are some solutions for you.


Rope caulk is a substance which can be applied to the leaking corners of windows as it covers up the gaps that may be letting heat escape from the room.

If you choose to caulk your window frames, you should make sure there is no peeling or very old caulking already on the frame of your window. Once you have removed it, you can carefully apply the new rope of caulk on its boundary and seal the gaps.


If you are running on a budget and need a quick, easy, and replaceable solution, then you may turn to draft snakes.

These are washable cloth tubes filled with either foam, fabric, or rice- (if it has been made at home) which can be attached to the bottom of doors and the sides of windows. It will prevent air from leaking in and heat from leaking out.


If you have drafty windows that you do not need to open for a while or look out of, you can seal them with foam. Simply cut out a piece of rigid foam, attach it to a drywall, and insert into the window frame, ensuring that there are no gaps or leaks.


The V-Seal, made from either of strong plastic or metal, is very commonly used for the purpose of weatherstrapping. The spring seal creates tension in the window frame and prevents air from entering or escaping from the gap.

It can be adhered to the frame either with adhesive tape or nails.


Plastic films are known to help retain over 55% of a house’s heat effectively and are easily available in the form of quick insulation kits. The shrink wrap plastic is lined with double sided tape.

It is to be adhered to the window, and then sealed with the help of heat from a hair dryer.


Windows get drafty mostly when they get old. If you feel like your windows are just not serving their purpose anymore, which is to keep the cold out and the heat in, then it may be time for a replacement.

A window that is past the point of breaking will not get fixed for the long term which is why it is better to invest in a new one.