Different Styles of Windows

Windows are as essential a part of a house as any other. They are a means of letting sunlight filter into the house. They become the source of crisp, fresh air and ventilation. Sometimes, they may even become the difference between a house that looks charmingly traditional and one that looks ultra modern.

window styles

Hence, when you embark on selecting the window style and type for your own house, it is important that you are aware of all of your options. Here is a list of some of the more common styles of windows employed in most houses.


Double hung windows are one of the most common forms of windows found in most buildings and houses. These traditional windows have two sashes, above and below, that are both capable of moving vertically. The lower sash is efficient to let cool air in, while the upper part can be used to ventilate the hot air out.


Casement windows are extremely smoothly operating windows and are efficient at letting a breeze in. These operate like a door, swinging out as if opening a case.


With the hinges at the top and the opening at the bottom, awning windows are used as additional openings above doors and other windows for additional light and air. They are also often used to provide ventilation and light in a room where privacy is needed as it can be located at a higher position.


Often found in basements, hopper windows are mostly placed in structures that are closer to the ground. They open from the top and are slanted so as to prevent debris from flying inside the room as well as provide excellent ventilation. They are also ideal for proper insulation as they fit snugly within their frames.


Slider windows are very easy to operate and can be located anywhere. Depending on whether they are single or double hung, one or both of the sashes of the window can be slid over the frame respectively. They are the ideal choice if you are looking for an easy to clean and wide window.


Fixed or stationary windows are the ones that cannot move or operate, meaning you cannot open them. They are simply there to give you a view of the outside or act as a prop to enhance the appearance of a room. Picture windows also come under the umbrella of fixed windows. These are often large glass ones that have minimum grille and frames to ensure maximum viewing through the panes.


These are protruding windows that make a little part of the exterior a part of your home. The window arches or projects outward, creating a little shelf of space in the process. This is a great way to add more space in a cramped area.

Who knew there were so many kinds of windows that you could choose from? While having so many options feels great in theory, it may become a little intimidating and confusing once you actually get down to the business of selecting one for your house. Regardless, you should thoroughly explore all of your options and experiment with various styles to see what fits best with your taste.